How do I make a payment for my Tala loan?

Your payment date is approaching but you don't know how to pay your loan? Don't worry, as easy and fast as you received it, you can pay it. Keep reading to know how.

At Tala, we always seek to satisfy our users and make their lives easier, without stress. For this reason, we have three solutions so you can pay your loan in the most convenient way for you:

Making a payment by electronic transfer from your bank's app or your online banking is the cheapest and fastest way to pay your loan. The first time you will do it you will have to put the transfer information in your bank's app. Once you do, the next payments will be very easy and fast for you.

Also, because making payments from your bank's app is free, you can make partial payments without having to pay commissions each time.

Whether you choose to pay from your bank's app or Oxxo, remember that as soon as your payment is reflected, you can request another loan immediately.


Need more information about these payment methods? Check our complete guides to pay with your bank's app, in Paynet network stores and in OXXO stores with OXXO Pay.

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